This Week's Topic:
Halloween As A
Naturally Thin Person

Program Yourself Thin creator Jim Katsoulis








Halloween doesn't have to be an all or nothing event. You can eat candy and remain on track. Listen to this training from this week's PYT Weekly Call and find out how.


In this 30 minute training learn...
• Why EATING candy at Halloween can actually help you maintain long term weight loss
• 2 Techniques for easily reducing candy cravings

• A Mental Programming Exercise to Automatically Eat Well during Halloween

Listen to the Full Call Here:


right click here to download 



Download instructions: To download, right click on the link and select "Save Target As" in Explorer. Once you select "Save Target As", a screen asking you where you want to save the file will appear.


Bonus Video:
Cool Pumpkin Carvings
I've gotten into pumpkin carving over the past few years
(can see some of mine below) and I wanted to share this
video because its has some really cool carvings in it.



Some Carvings I did...



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